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It all started on the 1st of October 1977

HMS was founded on the 1st of October, 1977 by Metzen van der Sluis. With all the risks that were attached to it at that time, he invested his hard-earned savings in his first machine (see photo). And with success. He managed to get in business (out of a garage). HMS Machines arose in which he combined his experience as (chief) cable executor with knowledge and sales.

The three Musketeers

In 1988 his son, Rick van der SLuis (the current CEO) joined the company after he graduated in HTS Mechanical Engineering. In 1995 his second son Tom, also joined the company in which he gained a lot of product-knowledge. The three Musketeers formed the company into a healthy and succesfull company.


Another company was founded in the year 2000: Infrarent BV. Buying a machine will always be a big investment for the most companies. Rick foresaw a certain need for a rental fleet and founded Infrarent. The first company in the Netherlands that had a complete rental fleet focussed on cable laying activities.


In 2009 Rick van der Sluis signed for the acquisition of HMS Machines BV. The combination of knowledge and expertise is still the foundation of both companies.

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